L O N G W O R T H
Donations Needed
Help us to restore Longworth Chapel so it can be used by the local community. please-donate Contact us for more details or if you would like to become a volunteer.
Window Restoration
Olimometer 2.52Fantastic news we have reached our target for the Hardman window and work is now underway. A big thank you to everyone who have supported us. Donations for ongoing work are still welcome.

Welcome to Longworth Chapel

The chapel stands alongside Frome Court, the new name for Bartestree Convent, now converted to apartments. Longworth Chapel, on its present site, dates from 1869-70. The chapel, or parts of it, previously stood at Old Longworth where it was the private chapel of a manor house. After the reformation the chapel fell out of use and by the 17th century was being used for agricultural purposes, though it survived relatively unchanged into the mid-19th century.

The Historic Chapels Trust has prepared proposals for the restoration of the building and English Heritage awarded a grant of £143,000 for the first phase of repairs. This involved the full repair of the roof and repointing of the exterior walls to keep it weathertight and was completed in June 2010. Historic Chapels Trust is now preparing the completion of the restoration and fundraising for this is now in hand.

Historic Chapels Trust rescues redundant Nonconformist and Roman Catholic places of worship; it is a Registered Charity (No. 1017321). HCT it receives support from Historic England towards certain core costs as well as to chapel restoration projects.


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